About Namaste Wellness Charlotte

From professional athletes to those just starting a new exercise plan, Namaste Wellness specializes in helping people maximize their physical and mental potential. Our pro athlete clients rave about the benefits of our holistic approach, reporting elevated game day performance and reduced recovery time. Intermediate and beginner level athletes describe dramatic improvements in the way their bodies feel, both in training and in competition.

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from reflexology and/or energy medicine. Research shows that our work has many positive effects on a wide range of common ailments, including chronic headaches, back pain, and high blood pressure. Whether you are seeking relief, peak performance, or simply would like more energy, focus and balance in your life, Namaste Wellness can help.

About Robin Allen

Namaste Wellness opened in 2007, but it was born in Robin Allen’s heart long before that. Robin had a maternal instinct from a very young age, and always wanted children of her own. Through four pregnancies, Robin faced countless challenges and two heartbreaking tragedies. She gave birth to a stillborn daughter, Marissa, in 1995. A subsequent pregnancy ended in miscarriage toward the end of her first trimester. She feels honored and blessed to have two children, a boy and a girl, both now teenagers.

Rather than dwell on the pain she has suffered, Robin chose to use her experiences to help others. She got involved with SHARE, a national organization for pregnancy and infant loss support, and currently serves as the North Carolina representative. She became a doula in 2001, and through her work with pregnant women, discovered the power of touch and positive energy. Robin earned her Reflexology Certification though the Laura Norman School of Reflexology, studied energy medicine with Dr. Richard Bartlett, and completed Lymphatic Drainage Massage training in Phoenix, AZ.

As Namaste Wellness’s owner and head therapist, Robin is completely invested in helping others. “My work is very personal to me. I want to be approachable to anyone, and I want them to know that I am there to support them, 100%, in whatever they need.”