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Doula and Pregnancy Loss Facilitator

A doula is a person who provides non-medical support to women and their families throughout pregnancy, during childbirth, and the postpartum period.

The doula concept is not new. Personal support by a close friend or relative through labor is a tradition that goes back many years in all cultures. Some women do not live in close-knit communities where their sisters, mothers, and friends are there to support them through pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. These events can be scary and a woman may feel lost and overwhelmed without guidance.

A doula is a stable, nurturing guide that helps families gather information about pregnancy, labor, delivery options and provides postpartum support.
Using a doula can have a powerful impact on a woman's labor including less pain, stress, anxiety and shorter labors. Studies have shown that women who use doulas reportedly had a 50% reduction in c-section rates, and a 60% reduction in requests for pain medication.

At Namaste Wellness, our doulas become your personal advocate. Whether you come to us in your first trimester or the third, we can get involved in all aspects of the process, including writing a birth plan and making sure that plan is fully honored. We are available for phone support, office consultations, and postpartum home visits. We incorporate zone therapy touch, aromatherapy, and music to make your prgnancy and delivery as relaxing and joyous as possible.

Perinatal Loss Facilitator

A perinatal loss facilitator helps women and their families cope with the grief of the loss of a pregnancy, a stillbirth or death of an infant or child.

Namaste Wellness owner and Loss Facilitator, Robin Allen knows from personal experience how difficult it is to adjust to these life-changing events. She gives grieving parents the opportunity to share their feelings and receive encouragement and assistance from someone who has been there.

“I suffered a full term stillbirth and know firsthand how important it is to have someone present during this time, to help with the situation at hand as well as arrangements afterwards. Personal experience has led me to the path that I am walking now – to help not only people that are faced with an unexpected pregnancy, possibly alone, but also that couple walking smoothly through pregnancy and suddenly faced with a loss and unsure what to do”, says Allen.

SHARE Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Inc., Charlotte, NC Group Facilitator, North and South Carolina

SHARE Pregnancy & Infant Loss SupportThe mission of Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support is to serve those whose lives are touched by the tragic death of a baby through early pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or in the first few months of life.

For many families who are pregnant with or have recently delivered a very loved and wanted baby, hopes and dreams are shattered by the news that the baby has died. For the rest of the world around them, not much seems changed. Unfortunately, something very sad and life-altering has happened that needs to be acknowledged. A baby has died.

For parents and children who have suffered this heartbreaking loss, it feels as if the darkness in your heart will never ease. It may seem impossible to ever feel hopeful again.

The primary purpose of SHARE is to provide support toward positive resolution of grief. This support encompasses emotional, physical, spiritual, and social healing. The secondary purpose is to provide information and resources to aid those who care for the bereaved, including family, friends, employers, and others in a supportive role.