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Reflexology and Energy Medicine for Wellness of Body, Mind and Spirit

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Namaste Wellness incorporates a variety of methods, including reflexology and energy medicine to help people improve their quality of life. Namaste Wellness benefits anyone who wants to relieve pain, implement a healthy lifestyle, or simply bring more serenity, balance and energy to their lives.

Namaste Wellness. A place to restore balance and peace to your body; and tranquility and beauty to your world through reflexology, energy medicine and other treatments.

Increased Performance

Namaste Wellness has helped many athletes and professionals achieve their goals using a variety of reflexology and energy medicine techniques to help them relieve stress, think more clearly and perform at a higher level. All athletes benefit from increased energy, balance and focus, resulting in better game day performance and faster recovery.

High levels of stress in the work environment affect people from all walks of life, and often that stress has negative physical and emotional consequences. Through reflexology, energy medicine, and other wellness treatments, we help manage the effects, while improving concentration and mental performance.

At Namaste Wellness, our mission is to improve your quality of life.  Please sign up to receive our newsletter and info on upcoming workshops!

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