Proven Experience


"I saw Robin for reflexology and energy work at Namaste Wellness, which offers a beautiful, tranquil, yet energizing environment. Robin definitely has skills!!! While doing energywork, she found something in my left knee. At that point, I didn't have pain yet and I was not aware of an injury. A few weeks later, I started feeling discomfort in my left knee and got an MRI done. Result: torn cartilage and torn meniscus. AMAZING!!! Robin found something before I even knew there was something wrong with my knee. My injuries are still in early stages, so I am able to avoid surgery for a while. Don't wait until you have aches and pains, go, see Robin also for health care and prevention!!! It's worth it!"
-Verena Martin

"I was part of the test program for runners in December 2010. I had 3 sessions before the Thunder Road half marathon. I have had chronic shin splints & adductor pain for the past year and a half. I had no leg pain during the race, and I improved my half marathon time by 3 minutes from Dowd HM in Nov. I had another 2 sessions after the race and my feet felt so much better. This stuff really works! I find it amazing that your feet are a roadmap to your entire body. After each session I felt like I was walking on air and was so happy and at peace. I had another session on Jan 22. I ran yesterday and had no pain at all while running. I will be back as often as I can."

-Carol Massimino Gore

"I had been curious about reflexology for some time. After months of travel and stress I felt depleted in every way. After one visit in Robin's capable hands, my energy level soared and and I could feel my "core" come to life. I am so looking forward to continued healing and a better sense of self!!"

-Logan Curtis

The Test Program For Runners:Comment Of John Lineberger: I set up a test program for runners, with the primary goal of seeing if it could help their feet and legs recover from long runs. I got 3 volunteers from my half marathon group---I had no idea if they had on going problems because I did not ask! The only requirement I gave the 3 volunteers was that they had to write a short report on the reflexology experience. Keep in mind all I was looking for was better recovery after long runs----little did I know that the results would far exceed that goal. Here are the 3 reports:

-John Lineberger: Galloway Charlotte Marathon & Half Marathon Training program

I've been suffering from on- going knee/hip pain. I felt immediate relief after my first reflexology session! I was at 75% at that point.I noticed improvement with each session. I was getting up out of a seated position and walking pain free (a big improvement).After 5 sessions, I am now RUNNING, pain free! I ran the 5k tempo speed- felt a little weakness, but no pain! I felt even better after my post race session-I'll call it 98%. I am now ready to seriously train for my next 1/2 - after a short holiday break.I will continue my sessions with Robin.

-Lisa Donovan John

I've had one session with Robin Allen. She's a lovely, professional person. I was very skeptical going in --- honestly -- I was trying it because of the free offer. I did not have any expectations. My feet were hurting -- on a scale of 1 to 10 -- with 10 most painful -- my feet were at 9. The balls of my feet felt like they were on fire. I could not wear high heels and I was cutting back on my running. After just one session my feet were pain-free. I saw her on a Friday and Saturday a.m. I ran with group (pain-free/ 6 miles) and wore high heels to a holiday party that pm. After the treatment my entire body felt like it had recv'd a massage. I took a few days off over the holidays but I am back."
-Liz Edwards